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D'Arranged Marriage is a one man show has something for everyone: characters that will make you laugh until you cry, a few Bollywood-style song and dance routines and a wickedly funny look at Indian culture and life in New Zealand.

D'Arranged tells the story of a young Indian boy called Sanjay who spends most of his life avoiding the issue of an arranged marriage. His nagging family finally gets the better of him but to his surprise he discovers that Neenu, the prospective bride, is the one! Unfortunately 'the one' is already dating the village idiot Rundeep… Adding to Sanjay's trials and tribulations are an uncle who yearns for the perfect woman who loves to cook, clean and play cricket, an annoying cousin, Sudefed…who is full of useless information. Throw in Mr. Dave Patel, Neenu's father, Johnny Walker's best friend and resident snob at No. 42 Smith Street, and you have the funniest parody of Indian family life since Bend it Like Beckham.


Previous Seasons Touring Experience: 
D'Arranged Marriage has been performed by Tarun Mohanbhai 93 times

and Rajeev Varma 38 times. It has successfully toured internationally and nationally:

Malaysia The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre 4th – 23rd Dec 2007
The Centre at Keri Keri March 3rd 2007
Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival 21-22nd February 2007 SOLD OUT
Esplanade Theatre Singapore Kalaa Utsavam Indian Festival of Arts 
4th - 5th November 2006 SOLD OUT
Orewa Centrestage Theatre 30th September 2006
Maidment Theatre Mainstage 19th - 23rd September 2006
Downstage Theatre Wellington 12th-16th September 2006
Fortune Theatre Studio Dunedin 19th - 23rd July 2005 SOLD OUT
Court 2 Christchurch 11th - 16th July 2005
Extended Season: Malaysia The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre 
27th & 28th June 2005 SOLD OUT
Malaysia The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre 7th - 12th June 2005SOLD OUT
Lower Hutt Horticultural Hall 2nd April, One off Fundraiser
Hamilton, Telecom Playhouse, September 2004
The Hamilton Fuel Festival 2004 SOLD OUT
International Laugh Festival, Wellington, Circa Studio, May 2004 SOLD OUT
International Laugh Festival, Auckland, Herald Theatre, May 2004 SOLD OUT
Nelson Arts Festival, September 2003 SOLD OUT
Sydney Opera House, The Studio, May 2003 SOLD OUT
Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Forum Theatre, March and April 2003
Classic Comedy and Bar, Auckland, March, September, December 2003 and 
March 2004 SOLD OUT
Bats Wellington, May 2002 SOLD OUT
International Laugh Festival, Auckland, Safari Lounge Civic May 2002 SOLD OUT


"He's good but, Tarun Mohanbhai is not one in a million. Consider the world's Indian population and you realize he's actually one in a billion and therefore his reach is considerable..."

- Sunday Star Times May 2002

"An irresistible show that is as warm as it is funny!"

- NZoom 2002


"Warm and hysterically funny!" And can make anyone laugh until tears start rolling down their cheeks. A must watch show for everybody."

- Bharat Times Australia April 2003


"Mohanbhai's transitions between characters are smooth and almost flawless… An enjoyable evening."

- Sydney Telegraph May 2003


"This is an entertaining show that rolls along…"

- The Nelson Mail September 2003


"A cultural comedy classic"

- Dominion Post May 2004


"…A monsoon of movement, language and characters…this passage from India is a winner..."

- Waikato Times September 2004


"Varma (who performs the play alternatively with Mohanbhai) would break into song and dance routines just like a Bollywood movie - only much better…he had the audience on a string…A comedy is judged by how well it brought on the laughs and D'Arranged Marriage did that in abundance…"

- The Malay Mail June 2005


"Hilarity at its Indian best…A one man train ride to laughsville…"

- New Sunday Times Malaysia June 2005.

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